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Pakistani cooking is well known for its flavour and richness. Within Pakistan the preparation varies from region to region, each with its distinct style and flavour. Food is prepared with an abundance of aromatic spices and fresh herbs, making it very distinct from traditional Indian cooking.


Nasars specialises in Pakistani food, including Biryanis, Karahis, Jalfrezis, Kormas and Balti dishes.


The chef at Nasars uses only the freshest ingredients and traditional cooking techniques to produce a truly authentic taste of Pakistan and Kashmir.

Kashmiri chicken vindaloo


Nasars Pakistani & Kashmiri Takeaway

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Karahi Dishes

Karahi is the name given to dishes prepared in a conical metal pot. The design of the pot enables the spices and herbs to percolate and produces a rich and distinct taste, which is then garnished with fresh coriander, ginger and other herbs and spices.

Balti Dishes

Balti is a distinctive, flat bottomed wok, similar to a karahi and is used to prepare a variety of curry dishes. This style of cusine originates from the Baltistan region in Kashmir. Balti cooking is a fusion, owing its existence to China and Tibet as well as the ancestry of the Mirpuris, the tastes of the Mogul Emperors and the aromatic spices of the Kashmiris.


(Fairly Hot) A most popular dish of rich, hot and sour taste. Extensively prepared with chilli lemon juice.